Quotex Malaysia Review

Quotex Review Malaysia – Quotex Broker Malaysia

Quotex is a brand new trading platform. It was founded in 2020 that accepts traders to take advantage of the trading market to trade multiple assets such as binary options, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and indices. “Awesomo” LTD owns the broker with the following address. : Suite 1, Second Floor, Sound and Vision House, Francis Rachel Str., Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles ID: 221042. So, read Quotex Review Malaysia and then choose your trading platform.

Since the year started, The Quotex broker has grown with over 4 million traders worldwide and has recorded over 100,000 trades per day! Quotex correctly accepts traders from 249 countries, which means they are global without any country restrictions, but this broker is not available to persons under 18 years of age.

Quotex accepts traders from all over the world, including Malaysia. It is based in Seychelles and regulated by (International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center) IFMRRC.

Platform Overview:

When it comes to platforms, I honestly believe Quotex leads the most responsive, user-friendly, well-organized, and fastest platform I’ve traded since my trading experience!

The platform is straightforward because everything is clear and neat in front of the trader. Firstly, this platform is based on a web application, so no download is required. Secondly, it is fully customizable to your taste and finally easy. Access every feature with one click.

Quotex Broker Review
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Minimum Trade: $1
  • Payouts: 92% Max
  • Demo Account: Yes

Quotex Review Malaysia – How it works?

Pretty Simple, to kick start your trading with Quotex, you only need to follow down below step-by-step guide:

  1. Signup at Quotex.
  2. Select Free Demo Account or Live Account.
  3. Select asset.
  4. Make technical analysis using Quotex tools.
  5. Predict the next move of the price “UP” or “DOWN” Direction
  6. Select your desired amount.
  7. Take your Trade.

Free Demo Trading Account

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quotex trading platform

Quotex Review Malaysia – Charting

Trading charts are an important issue where operations and deals are set, first, and as we have said, Quotex Broker is the only and unique broker that owns a fast chart and good server that can deal with it without any delay. With charting tools such as:

  • Drawing Tools: Quotex owns over 20 drawing tools to help each trader analyze the market with fast deployment on the chart!
  • Candlesticks Timeframes: The Quotex Broker can go from 5 seconds candlesticks body’s up to 1-day candlesticks body’s
  • Chart Types: This trading platform put for everyone the ability to change the chart to any of the following types as “AREA,” “Candlesticks,” “Bars,” and finally “Heiken-Ashi.”
  • Technical Indicators: Over 20 indicators are ready to be used for your trades, including the most famous indicators such as ‚ÄúStochastic Oscillator,” “RSI,” “CCI,” and more to discover.
Quotex Broker Review

Trading Box Information

In Quotex App, we benefit from making trades with our technical analysis, and we’ve made general information about this box down below.

Note that these details are based on a single trade

Quotex Review Malaysia – Funding

Quotex offers deposits and withdrawals through multiple methods, including bank cards, cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, and wire transfers, including the most famous and used payment methods through binary options brokers depending on each country!

However, to access the Deposit section, you must click “+ Deposit” on the main interface of the Quotex trading platform, then you choose your payment gateway. On the other side, you can withdraw only through the deposit method.

Quotex Review Malaysia – Account Verification

Traders using this Quotex broker need to verify their identity using passport or driving license or national identity card to avoid conflicts and problems while withdrawing.

Using your bank card will require verifying your card ownership (routine check known as fraud checking) for more security for the members/traders using the quotex platform.

Quotex Account Types

Quotex offers a free $10,000 demo account for practice and live account for every trader who sign up as default. In addition, this trading platform beat the odds and put three account levels for every trader like the following:

  • Basic Account: Basic Payout up to 87% in all available assets
  • PRO Account: +2% on all available assets
  • VIP Account: +4% on all available assets
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Quotex Review Malaysia – Bonuses

While coming to bonuses, quotex is leading brokers who allow traders to benefit from various bonuses, and this is an advantage that quotex has! So to activate a bonus! To get 30% on your first deposit, you can benefit from a welcome bonus here

Quotex App Features

Once we talk about features! This broker can give you more than the other brokers. Quotex Broker is making binary options trading easier with its features such as:

  • Pair Information: First of all, it is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. For example, let’s take AUD / JPY (OTC) as our trading pair!
  • Trading Signals: A signal is not a direct instruction to trade but an analyst’s recommendation. Quotex offers the best quality trading signals for available instruments. However, we cannot use these signals as our primary entry because it does not replace our technical analysis.
  • Exchange Form: Quotex platform uses a fantastic feature to allow the traders to switch their main currency to another one within a few clicks without any exchange fees. In my opinion, this feature has never been used by other brokers!
quotex trading platform

Quotex Review Malaysia – Support Team

This Quotex broker provides a live support chat for every trader who encounters platform issues or queries. Their response time is less than 1-5 minutes, and the fastest and helpful agents are available who work 24/7.

Note: Sometimes, support agents are overwhelmed by traders’ tickets and queues and take some time to answer your questions.

Is Quotex Regulated and Safe?

In my honest opinion, quotex is 100% valid and secure, while this broker is fully regulated and recognized as a trusted platform according to the testimonials of other traders! I have not had any problems with them. Everything is working fine.

Use a demo account like a real one

Practice accounts have a significant advantage over real ones. First, you will not trade with your own money, which means that you will not lose your own money in case of failure.

This is why you should always practice the strategy on your demo account. In Demo Account, there is no high risk, so your assets/real money is safe.

Every time I want to see if the strategy works, I’ll move on to a demo account. I try specific techniques more than once. Finally, and only after I am sure that it works as intended will I move to the original account and use a given strategy there.

Moreover, I will try a strategy and the investment amount for different financial instruments or a single trade in the practice account. I practice, try other possibilities, and switch to the real account when I know what works and what doesn’t. And without hesitation, I choose the market, the strategy, and the amount of investment.

Build and follow the trading plan

In the beginning, I did not work on any money-making plan. I just wanted to do profit trading, so I chose random markets, and if one didn’t give me the advantage, I switched to the other.

Let’s check closer at what such a plan should include.

The first step is to specify how much time you want to spend on the Quotex demo account. I decided it would be for three weeks. It should be long enough to find out which market and at what time will bring me maximum profit. Another thing is determining the amount of money you are willing to trade.

As mentioned earlier, it is essential to review the trading history. I analyze every single trade. I wrote my detailed log where I said the time, strategy, indicators, instruments, and timelines I used.

Switzerland Trading

Three weeks had passed, and I moved into a real trading account. I made a trading plan that covered details like:

  • That amount of money must be deposited
  • That amount of money must be invested in a single trade
  • Deadline
  • Charts and indicators I need to use
  • Need to market and time transactions
  • Moment to stop trading (for me, it was losing the following three trades)
  • Moments of profit and percentage of account balance must be withdrawn.

This is a simple example of a money-making plan. I suggest you create one that is most suitable for your trading style. And above all, make sure you follow your monetization plan.

How long have you traded Quotex, and what are your results? If you still can’t open a Quotex account, open a demo account today and try out my 4 privacy.

Quotex Review Malaysia – Conclusion

Without a doubt, Quotex is one of the best brokers globally, not just in Malaysia. With a minimum investment of $ 10, you can trade and explore potentially profitable marketplaces. Quotex is a binary options trading platform, also known as digital options trading platform, with a fast, responsive, and user-friendly interface to customize every part of the chart with the possibility of adapting to each trade without any country restrictions. Drawing and indexing tools and inspire! I found this broker that there is an excellent chance to try and stick with it. Feel free to comment on your trading experience with Quotex Broker.